A fresh update about our progress !

Hey ! Did you miss us ?

We sincerely hope all of you are in good health. We come to you to keep you up to date about our progress …here we go !

New blessings are being added, these ones will be triggered on your next run and will be determined by your previous one. If you died on a trap or burned, you might be blessed by your God on your next life. Same speech if you killed a lot of enemies… and so on !

We are designing new features and items so that a run with bows, spells or fists will be fully doable.

Magic books, which allows you to cast elemental spells and more originals ones, have been re designed in a way that there’s short timed spells cast and longer ones. You will be able to unlock blessings to gather more faith (which is the ressource to cast them).

Spell build viable

Before, their cost was 30 faith points, now it will depend on how the magic is powerful.

Spells can be devastating, however, you might not be able to open secret areas since it consumes your faith. Spend it sparingly.

You will be able to unlock specific blessings and items to orient your build in the way you wish. For example, piercing arrows and the blessing "Arrows made of bones" which allows you to pick up 2 arrows on a corpse freshly killed will be unlocked if you do the right things.

Viable archer build

Also, the world 2 is nearly finished, according to the plan we should be done with it in the end of december.

We added new weapons, blessings, curses, illnesses. It will enhance the game feel and replayability in a constructive way.

  • All the enemies are done
  • New consumables have been created
  • The level design is finished
  • traps and secondary elements are there too
  • Specific blessings / curses from the world 2 have been added

A duelist boss has been created, this might be the most challenging one so far.

We’re really looking forward to send Dark Devotion updated to people who backed for the EARLY bird !

There’s just missing some loots and 2 bosses, then, the world 2 will be finished.

The virgin

Long ago, when the Temple was prosperous, young and pure girls were abducted so that fresh blood will frequently arrive in this forsaken place. These poor women were used as surrogate mothers, for pleasure and, for the most twisted ones, even to be eaten. Here’s one who survived until now, victim of a black mess.

This foe can’t be vanquished in a regular way. Will you be merciful ?

We won’t reveal anything more about it ! This epic foe has been done in collaboration with one of our dear backers, thank you so much for your precious support and for your fresh ideas mate. <3

The corrupted forest

Working with our community is a real pleasure, people on our discord server are interactive and curious, this is a lot of fun. If you wish to be part of our little community join us here: https://discord.gg/7G3YuW3

Obviously, other things and features have been added, but we want to let you the pleasure to discover them yourself.

Thank you so much for your interest, see you on the next update!


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