Hey hey! 50% on KS and 20 days left!

We are really proud to announce that we are right down below the 50% threshold, and 3 weeks are left for our Kickstarter!

If you wish to give a hand, it is not too late!

Today we would like to introduce you some NPCs you'll meet in the heavy demo and a bit of their background!

These ones are jailed:

Jael (left) is playful and witty - she'll never wish to hurt you. She is considered as one of the Escapee people, living far from the Temple. Its people know the Temple and its secrets, they can go in and out to search for treasure easily but she won't reveal anything. It is your duty as a Templar to face the Temple - Deal with it.

The masked man (right) - He made vow of silence. You can sense an odd feeling around him. Legends say that he his from royal bloodline. Who knows. If you help him to get out he will reward you.

These ones are travellers such as you - May be not for the same reason:

Knight Kraumdeith (left) from another kingdom, who got caught by the Templars and swallowed by the Temple. He does not really know why either since the Templars get rid of everything they are afraid of or do not understand. No questions asked, if they are in doubt, you're done for!

Templar Vlenn (right) - Technically he is from your own people. Lost and on his own, Vlenn has no squad anymore to progress with. Now he his wandering around. Loosing your mind in the Temple is easy. Thinking that he killed every one of his fellow brothers is a possibility. however, if you are nice with him, he'll be nice with you.

To finish, we are revealing a NPC from the world 2

- Smelcann the Tamer
The world 2 is full of ancient and gigantic beasts. If you don't know how to act with them - You'll get eaten.
May be this man has something useful to teach you. Or just want to stab you in the back. You'll see by yourself!

*Praying for you to give a hand*

We want to thank all of you again for your fantastic support - Judging by your feedbacks, we are now convinced that the game is on the right track. Convinced that we can make it out alive! And keep in mind, whatever happens we will never give up until the last second of this Kickstarter. We are working with faith to succeed with you.

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Lots of love from the Hibernian Workshop team

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Hi dev folks! Thought I'd pop a little write-up here since there doesn't seem to be a comment section on the main page!

This game is incredibly hard, but I think we need more games like it. Small margin for error, trial by death, perseverance. Well done on sticking to your incredibly difficult guns on this!

I really hope you hit your target on KS, I've shared the link to your campaign in my YT vid to hopefully get some word around! This game deserves to see the light of day (from the darkness of the dungeons).

Keep up the amazing work, no matter what happens, I'll be keeping a close eye on your progress!


Hey Mikey, thanks a lot for your feedbacks and support. I'm watching your video! <3 <3 <3