​ Time for an update, we are hanging on!

- Thanks again for all our supporters
You are continuing to support us, this means a lot. Thank you so much!

- Even more people have tried the game
The feedbacks are more than encouraging, each player feel the love we put on Dark Devotion, and your giving it back to us, this is amazing.

- The Kickstarter is slowing down but we are hanging on!
The start was fantastic, now it is slowing down. We feel like the game has a lot of potential but our lack of visibility is hurting us!
Keep in mind that we are doing everything that we can to succeed - No worries we have more than on trick to try :-)

Since we did very well during our greenlight, we are currently creating the page hoping that it'll help us.

- The exclusive boss for backers
Just to be clear, everyone who backed will have the chance to fight against the exclusive boss - An antic defense system of the Temple.

- Handling a Ks campaign is tough but we are working hard anyway
We are working on the second world, you cansee our progress there:

Thanks a lot again for your support! <3

Do not hesitate to share the information, as little indies every word count!
Again, on our side, we are working hard on how to gain some visibility.

The Hibernian Workshop Team

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