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Hello everyone, I am a dev working on Dark Devotion for 2 years now, and I would like to introduce it to you.

Dark Devotion is an indie rogue-like RPG inspired by Castlevania or the souls series developed by Hibernian Workhop. (3 french autodidacts)

Key points:
  • A strong RPG influence
  • Items for your salvation
  • A blessing/Curse, illness feature
  • Huge areas to contemplate
  • Discover the complex story behind this Temple


The KICKSTARTER is a success thanks to you ! Thank you so much for your fantastic support, if you wish to follow us :

Add us on your STEAM Wishlist !

Discord server

If you have any questions do not hesitate!

Thanks a lot for your time and support,
The Hibernian Workshop team.

Install instructions

- Please note: We are letting previous versions of the demo online in case there is a major bug in the updated ones that we missed. Thus, you can peacefully play anyway!

You will play the light demo of Dark Devotion
showing off 1 path of the world 1 - Keep in mind that's a WIP.

If you are a streamer contact us, we can send
you the heavy demo (Full world 1 = 4 paths / 6 bosses)

If you liked it do not hesitate to have a look at our Kickstarter or share the  information!
Thank you very much for your interest!


Dark Devotion - Light Demo v22.zip 218 MB

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this game is exelent but why we haven't weapon market if we have a blacksmith? and it will not hurt that the point of the map tells us precisely where we are


Part 2 of this awesome game! I cannot wait for this game to come out! You guys have my full support and my channel will feature this game the second it comes out!

This game was fantastic. Check out my gameplay. It's a small laugh. 

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Wow, this game looks, sounds and plays so good! It's mixing oldschool Prince of Persia vibes with the grim atmosphere of Dark Souls but keeps the fluidity of gameplay of a Castlevania game.

I am going to look forward to this. Some things like dialogue display need some fine tuning (some are a bit slow, others look weird when text is breaking to the next line) but all in all - what a game.

Tiny nitpick - the slash effect when attacking with a sword has much smoother edges and does not fit the pixel-art style of the character. I would like it to match the style, but the effect looks still good.

I also have no issues with not being able to jump. It matches the more careful playstyle and prevents people from bunny-hopping right over the immersion that this game can offer them.

Woo, the style and the atmosphere make me want to play it. Looks great! :D

Pretty cool so far, great atmosphere and art, BUT I have to honestly say that without jump, the motion and controls seem very constrained.  You feel locked to the floor and it does not feel adventurous.  I come to a ledge and feel there is just faith to fall and no real freedom of coming back from it.

It feels like on rails and lacks openess and freedom...I cannot feel a part of the character and do not feel immersed.  It makes me think of the comparison of 

I look forward to seeing the finished product, but to be honest, this project's (Blasphemous) game play seems more enjoyable and immesive.

I am sure you have great vision for your game as you can see with your creativity, so please do not take my comments in any kind of negative way, only intending to share incase my comments might be constructive.

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thanks for your message, here's an extract from a KS update that our designer wrote, enjoy!

No jump:

I watched a lot of Youtubers playing, the fact that there was no jump questioned a lot of them.

I think this choice is interesting and crucial for the overall ambiance for multiple reasons.

  • Indeed, this is unusual for a 2D “platformer”. The feeling of “incapacity” is here, right at the beginning, the player has to be on guard. This is the very first warning.
  • Including an slow jump such as the one in the first Prince of Persia crossed my mind. However, I want the progression to be realistic and credible in some way. Seeing our dear hero jumping at will wouldn’t have - at all - made the same ambiance and game feel.
  • I want to focus the game on confrontations and battles (adding the fact that every door closes behind you, it adds a lot on the feeling of insecurity - This is crucial). Technically a jump is a way to flee and avoid the danger, it gives a feeling of control and power. In Dark Devotion, we want you to feel hopeless.
  • Some of our players think that a 2D game without a jump cuts a side of the exploration. Keep in mind that we thought everything before, and these constraints are made to give a precise game feel - not another. Other mechanics are here to replace it in a constructive manner anyway, such as ladders, platforms (world1), geysers (world 2), teleporters (world 3) ...

Good insight...Will have to see in the final product how it call comes together :)