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Hello everyone, I am a dev working on Dark Devotion for 2 years now, and I would like to introduce it to you.

Dark Devotion is an indie rogue-like RPG inspired by Castlevania or the souls series developed by Hibernian Workhop. (3 french autodidacts)

Key points:
  • A strong RPG influence
  • Items for your salvation
  • A blessing/Curse, illness feature
  • Huge areas to contemplate
  • Discover the complex story behind this Temple

- Dark Devotion's Kickstarter is launched, for the occasion we made a free light demo!

Discord server

If you have any questions do not hesitate!
If you liked the game please, consider spreading the word and/or helping us on KS!
We need you. :-)

Thanks a lot for your time and support,
The Hibernian Workshop team.

Install instructions

- Please note: We are letting previous versions of the demo online in case there is a major bug in the updated ones that we missed. Thus, you can peacefully play anyway!

You will play the light demo of Dark Devotion
showing off 1 path of the world 1 - Keep in mind that's a WIP.

If you are a streamer contact us, we can send
you the heavy demo (Full world 1 = 4 paths / 6 bosses)

If you liked it do not hesitate to have a look at our Kickstarter or share the  information!
Thank you very much for your interest!


Dark Devotion - Light Demo v2.zip (215 MB)
Dark Devotion - Light Demo v9.zip (215 MB)

Development log